About me

January 8, 2020

Hi! I'm a recovering physicist. I've researched patterns of academic collaboration, changes in the English language, computer-aided mammography, differences in software dependency networks and similarities between food webs, patterns of communication between suffragettes and air-traffic networks. I'm now most widely known for Tridactyl, an incredibly niche extension for the Firefox web browser and Interiors for CUP, a modification for a modification for ArmA, a military simulation game. Read more

The Tridactyl Keypress Security Bug

July 2, 2019

What follows is a wordier write-up of Tridactyl's first real brush with (in)security from my personal perspective. If you're purely interested in the mitigations, head to the GitHub repository—or just update Tridactyl to version 1.16.1 or 1.14.13 by going to about:addons in Firefox, right-clicking Tridactyl's listing, and clicking “Find Updates”. Once it has downloaded (it will look like it's hanging—it isn't), restart Firefox and you're done. At the time of writing, about 60% of users have a patched version. Read more

Remotely Working

September 11, 2018

I really love the freedom that remote working gives me. I can work whenever and wherever the feeling takes me. However, I often need to run complex simulations that take a lot of grunt. I don't want to lug a heavy laptop around with me all day, so my desk at work is usefully employed to provide a desktop computer. Read more

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