July 7, 2017 by Oliver Blanthorn


I’m a Postgraduate Researcher at the University of Manchester working with complex networks. My supervisor, Dr Eva Navarro-L√≥pez1, and I are investigating the topology of complex networks.

I am at the School of Computer Science Centre for Doctoral Training. I previously studied Theoretical Physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy, also at the University of Manchester. As part of that degree I worked with Ksenia Grozdova under Sue Astley on a project on measuring mammographic density using computer vision techniques.

You can view my GitHub repository at https://github.com/bovine3dom where you will find a small project I wrote for a C++ class, the code for the mammographic density estimation and, most importantly, my dotfiles. You might also stumble across Tridactyl, a weirdly popular niche Firefox extension I develop alongside an extraordinary number of other people. I generally programme in Python and Julia2. These days, because of Tridactyl, I write quite a lot of TypeScript too, but I wouldn’t strictly say that was by choice.


You can contact me at oliver.blanthorn—at—manchester.ac.uk, or come and find me in my office in room 2.106 of the Kilburn building. My PGP fingerprint is 15D0 3C86 8379 36A0 (which is attached to a email address I chose in 2005), probably most easily found at https://keybase.io/bovine3dom.

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